Pruning methods adapted to each parcel
24 Feb 2015

Pruning methods adapted to each parcel

In late January, we experienced a period of cold weather when temperatures dropped as low as -8°C. However, this was not harmful for the vine.
Pruning is now finished in two-thirds of the Domaine.
In most parcels, we used a pruning method referred to as “Guyot simple” when only one cane is used, or “Guyot double” when 2 canes, arranged in opposite directions, are used.
In certain grand crus, such as Les Clos et Les Preuses, we opted for the “en Chablis” method (although it originated in the Champagne region). This method, in which the canes are attached at 45°, is well suited to the Chardonnay.
All these specific techniques illustrate our determination to bring out the finest expression of each terroir.
The parcels more exposed to frost will be pruned in late March to delay the bud break.
Let’s leave them to complete the winter work in peace. We will issue the next update, when the weather starts to warm up.

Crédits photos: BIVB/Gesvres J. BIVB/Monnier H.