Pruning work at Domaine William Fèvre
15 Feb 2016

Pruning work at Domaine William Fèvre

At Domaine William Fèvre, the pruning of the vineyards began on 16 November, well after the leaves had fallen from the vines.

Pruning is carried out to control the growth of the vine and thus regulate production, both in terms of quantity and quality. It must be carried out when the vine is dormant, when the leaves have fallen and the sap receded, and before the buds appear (bud break).

At the time of writing half of the Domaine’s vines have been pruned.

The plots which are more exposed to frost, located on the Right Bank of the River Serein, will be pruned in late March to delay the bud break. Weather conditions have been particularly mild, with only a few frosts in January. We will let winter quietly pass and update you again when spring arrives.

Crédits photo : BIVB/Gesvres J. BIVB/Monamy G.